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        Lucks serves the food industry including independent retail bakeries, in-store bakeries, retail bakery chains, donut shops, ice cream/yogurt stores, caterers, retail candy stores, food service operators, mass merchandisers, club stores, and restaurants. We sell either direct or through distributors. To become a customer or get set up to order online, simply fill out and 亚索bugsubmit a customer enrollment form亚索bug.

        All non-licensed products are available around the world. We have distributors in many countries. If there is not a distributor in your area, contact Lucks customer service for more information at 1-800-806-2595 or 253-383-4815. Our full line, including licensed products, are available in the United States and U.S. territories and possessions.



        The Lucks Company, LLC manufactures products with a goal: to help you achieve beautiful trend-forward desserts in less decorating time. From the home decorator crafting desserts in their kitchen to the wholesale bakery that needs efficient packaging and execution, Lucks’ creates solutions. Shop our selection of proven products, or talk to us about custom, private label and packaging possibilities.