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        You may be wondering why you didn't receive a Lucks catalog in the mail. To be more timely with our new designs, Lucks now releases a series of digital Lookbooks throughout the year, to replace our traditional annual print catalog. We're excited to be able to release seasonal and trend-forward designs on an ongoing basis, accessible by everyone from your computer. Each lookbook will include:

        Download Lookbook Read the Lookbook


        • Sign up for our enewsletter 范冰冰苹果完整版here, and make sure you add marketing@lucks.com to your contacts so we don't end up in your junk folder!
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        • Continue to check our website. New Lookbooks will be announced on the homepage and will always be accessible in the Resource Center on our website.


        The Lucks Company, LLC manufactures products with a goal: to help you achieve beautiful trend-forward desserts in less decorating time. From the home decorator crafting desserts in their kitchen to the wholesale bakery that needs efficient packaging and execution, Lucks’ creates solutions. Shop our selection of proven products, or talk to us about custom, private label and packaging possibilities.